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film, tv & game music

The Trailer for the animation film "Giant and the Seed" is now available on youtube. It was a magical experience writing music for this project. We were lucky to record the music with a string quartet, which gave the film a both unique and intimate character. The sound of 4 string players in one room can be extremely versatile. We used the full range of possibilities in the film. Harsh tremolos, soft melodic lines - even an extremely dissonant downtuned part were part of the soundtrack.

Director, Art Director: Sara Shabani

Composer: Hannes Bieber

Sound Designer: Paul Powaljaew, Jonathan Linnenberg

Musicians: Rebecca Boyer, Gretchen Wallbrunn, Götz Engelhardt, Sergei Drabkin

Animation: Jan Bexterman, Mareike Waterkotte, Sarah Schulz

Voice Actor: Franz Warneck

Character Modeling: Vincent Maurer

Grading: Jakob Sinsel

Rigging: Justus Schmidt, Enzio Probst, Leo Pflug

Graphic Designer:

Denisa Tanase

Editor: Elias Engelhardt

Executive Producer: Sara Shabani, Saskia Stirn

Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH

Our Soundtrack for DEAR FUTURE CHILDREN is now available on Spotify, Amazon Music and iTunes. Many thanks to Volker Armbruster for the final mix of the Spotify Album!

Composers: Leonard Küßner & Hannes Bieber
Mixing: Volker Armbruster

Director: Franz Böhm
Production: Nico Gerspacher, Johannes Schubert, Ansgar Wörner
DOP: Friedemann Leis
Editor: Daniela Schramm Moura

I recently had the honour of recording with the "Budapest Scoring Orchestra". It was a very exciting experience writing and orchestrating this music. I got the opportunity quite spontaneous - so I was not able to use my usual workstation with my big keyboard and powerful computer. But I was able to compose, write and orchestrate everything on time just with my tiny laptop.

I called this piece of music "Der Nachtkrapp" (engl. "the night raven").

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