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  • Can you record music with live players?
    Yes, absolutely! I am frequently working together with live professional musicians. From soloists to full symphonic orchestra, everything is possible. In the past years I have written music for the Budapest Scoring Orchestra, Film Orchestra Babelsberg, Sofia Session Orchestra, Matangi String Quartet... Good to know: There are a number of studios, which provide "shared sessions", which means I can record a smaller amount of music for a lower price by sharing the studio time cost with other composers. Check out our behind the scenes video of a commercial spot, which was recorded at one of these sessions:
  • How is your collaboration process?
    This highly depends on the project. I like to create a Google Sheet with all named cues and information as an overview, which is synced to my DAW. By that we have a birds eye view over the music. We can add notes, progress statuses etc. and have a proper Cuesheet at the end. For detailed, "timestamp-based" feedback I like to use tools like Dropbox Replay, where we can exchange comments and feedback inside the timeline of a video file. Of course when the distance allows, a personal session can also be easier to find ideas, jam or tweak details together.
  • Should I include temp tracks when I send you an edit?
    To temp or not to temp is a big question among film composers. Unfortunately, I don't have a definite answer for that. Many composers dislike temp tracks as they make it harder to create something new and original. When you see a scene several times with temp music, it eventually 'sticks' to the image, making it hard to accept any other music. On the other hand, temp music is a great way to try out different styles and see what fits, without making too many unnecessary revisions. For me, I can easily adapt to the desired workflow with the director and editor. Sometimes it might be a good idea to create a few tracks beforehand to use in the editing process; other times, it's better to use pre-existing music and later replace it with original compositions. So far, I've always been able to capture the feeling of the temp track and transform it into my own original music adjusted for the film.
  • Should I use a "feedback sandwich" when I send you notes?
    I am not a big fan of "feedback sandwiches", I prefer honest, direct and straightforward feedback - I have never been offended due to feedback sessions. :)
  • Which instruments do you play?
    I play the piano since more than 20 years. At ArtEZ Conservatory I was taught both classical, jazz and improvisational piano. Additionally I am learning Violin and Clarinet to have a better understanding of different instruments. For a lot of projects I often hier professional studio musicians.
  • What software are you using?
    I am used to Steinberg's Cubase as my main DAW. Most recently I've been switching to Reaper though, because of its greater flexibility, which suits better to my workflow. Other than that I am using Pro Tools whenever I work with a recording studio and Dorico whenever I need to write sheet music for session musicians or orchestras. Apart from that I am using a vast selection of professional sample libraries, synths and plugins from companies like Orchestral Tools, Spitfire Audio, VSL, Aaron Venture, Fab Filter and many more.
  • Do you teach?
    I do have experience in teaching. I can teach you about topics like: · (film) composition techniques and workflows · mockup creation / midi programming · mixing & mastering · orchestration & music engraving · general career & business advice Depending on my current workload I can give you flexible online lessons for 60€ per hour. Just shoot me a message if you are interested!
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