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"Giant and the Seed" Trailer now online!

The Trailer for the animation film "Giant and the Seed" is now available on youtube. It was a magical experience writing music for this project. We were lucky to record the music with a string quartet, which gave the film a both unique and intimate character. The sound of 4 string players in one room can be extremely versatile. We used the full range of possibilities in the film. Harsh tremolos, soft melodic lines - even an extremely dissonant downtuned part were part of the soundtrack.

Director, Art Director: Sara Shabani

Composer: Hannes Bieber

Sound Designer: Paul Powaljaew, Jonathan Linnenberg

Musicians: Rebecca Boyer, Gretchen Wallbrunn, Götz Engelhardt, Sergei Drabkin

Animation: Jan Bexterman, Mareike Waterkotte, Sarah Schulz

Voice Actor: Franz Warneck

Character Modeling: Vincent Maurer

Grading: Jakob Sinsel

Rigging: Justus Schmidt, Enzio Probst, Leo Pflug

Graphic Designer:

Denisa Tanase

Editor: Elias Engelhardt

Executive Producer: Sara Shabani, Saskia Stirn

Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH

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